Summer School “Feeding the Landscape”
Organization: School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, September 2015

Collecta is an aesthetic and scientific palimpsest that explores the boundaries of the city and the territories of collisions among urban fragments: spaces that are separated, stratified, condensed or conflictual. Collecta is a provocative mise en scène, that proposes itself as a theoretical reflection on the contemporary city, starting from the vitriolic experiments performed on the Emilian city of Piacenza. Collecta is a metaphor of the city-collection, an encyclopedic collection of fragments and spatial situations, of relics from the past and archaeologies of the future. In this sense, Collecta is also a methodology of representation, according to which a collection of landscapes can become the project for the landscape. It is a taxonomic operation consisting in selecting a series of signs, codes and scenario that identify a possible design strategy. Collecta becomes a contemporary atlas of objects and traces; real and theoretical spaces, real and virtual landscapes; actions, transformations, purposes and the project’s themes. In the final installation, the reading of the city has been communicated through a collection of concrete bas-reliefs, a proper collection composed of 360 panels, through which the students interpreted the structure of the territory of Piacenza and offered a diagrammatic vision of it, whereas the project was exhibited through the more dynamic and immersive instrument of video.

Authors: Lina Malfona, Carlos Dall’Asta, and Marina Tornatora (team leaders), with a group of students and PhD students of the School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano